Peoria: The Shattered Mirror - Peoria, IL
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This is a group for Peoria: The Shattered Mirror, an OWbN Chronicle held in Peoria, IL. This game is a Vampire: The Masquerade LARP for Camarilla/Anarch/Independent PCs.

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We are currently meeting on the fourth Saturday of every month at GAME NIGHT, in Bartonville, IL.  Address is 104 Roosevelt St, Bartonville, IL  61607.

Our Discord server address is below:

Visitors, please submit sheets via Haller or email ahead of game.

Downtimes and XP spends are due the 4th Thursday of every month prior to game by 1pm CST, after that they might not be approved prior to game on.


HST - Rod Suits

Staff can be reached via email at:

House Rules can be found at:

Final Cornglomerate House Rules v2.3_1.pdf (

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