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Link to the Seasons of Strange House Rules. 

Seasons of Strange 

House Rules

  Welcome to the Seasons of Strange House Rules, a living document. As time passes, the rules and genres covered here are subject to change. The Staff reserves the right to make rules call on anything not currently covered in the chronicle house rules and will endeavor to include any new rules which must be clarified in the future. Any rules calls made by an ST during any scene are final. If there is disagreement on the call or ruling, they may be brought up after the game. This is in place for game flow reasons, and to make sure the game is fun for everyone.

  This chronicle is multi-genre and we are working to incorporate each and every genre in time. We no longer have any satellite games and those we did have, have been absorbed back within the parent chronicle. Currently, we have rules for Vampire, Mage, and Werewolf. Changeling and Hunter will be the next genres to be added to our House Rules when they come into the rotation and will be made available before they start.

  Please check with staff or watch for staff announcements for what genre is currently in rotation till further notice and what will be coming in the next rotation and when.


General Rules

Character Creation: 

Please review OWbN character bylaws here for R&U characters. 

Players will be awarded up to 60 XP once a character’s background or history has been submitted as per OWBN Bylaws.


Players must include staff on any In-Character communication or instruction (Lores, Disciplines, rare Abilities, Spheres, etc.) to be considered valid.

All players must submit EOGs, log Influence expenditures/actions, and Downtime actions no later than a week before the game with staff via Email, Puppet Prince journal entry, or Google Doc.

For contact information see our Contact Information section in our House Rules.

Multiple Characters:

Playing multiple characters during a single game session is permitted with advanced notice and the approval of staff. To be able to play more than one character in a session, players must give staff notice the Saturday before the game at the latest. The reason for this is we may need time to adjust the plot or character interactions we have planned for one, or both of your characters. Further, when you are ready to switch from one character to your next you must inform staff of your change prior to coming into character, for the same reasons.

Downtime Online Roleplaying:

We encourage all of our players to continue to play their characters in the various genres that are not in current rotation in online scenes. This is completely voluntary and will be considered “Soft RP” (non-combat roleplay). All that is required is posting what you are doing to your character's journal in Puppet Prince or Emailing with staff directly (see our Contact section for more information). 

Expanded Rules:

We refer to Dark Epics for the following rules:

1) Retests, pg: 70

2) Movement in Combat, pg: 71

3) Two-weapon Combat, pg: 71

4) Noticing powers in effect, pg: 72

5) Explosives, pg: 50

6) Lores, pg: 50 & 51

7) Health, pg: 71 (specifically: Death, pg: 72)

Awarding Experience:

For characters based in Seasons of Strange, the ST staff will award XP to characters, and approve the XP requests for characters. Players in violation of this rule shall be considered in violation of the CoC.

Earning XP:

Experience is awarded by the staff at the staff’s discretion. As per OWbN Bylaws, below is the max XP able to be earned per month. 

After the character has entered play, the home chronicle can award a character up to a maximum of eight (8) experience points based on the following list:

All characters, except Wraith characters:


All purchases must meet ST approval and must be logged no later than a week before the game.

Players may increase Traits on a character sheet by only one level per category per month.

Up to four separate Abilities may be increased in a single month.

All other purchases are restricted to single ranks per month unless specified in a genre house rule set.



Money (Resources) is represented by Item cards, which are created and updated by STs. If you wish to build up your Resources, have the amount recorded on an Item card and signed by ST.

To improve a character's Resources, a character must have liquid capital equal to 10x the monthly allowance of the level of Resources they are trying to purchase. For example, to go from Resources 4 ($10,000/month) to Resources 5 ($30,000/month) requires a character to have $300,000 in "cash". This money is then expended to make investments and purchases to bring the character up to the new level of Resources. The background trait is improved via XP as normal.

Also, as an update, all Resource's monthly allowances are doubled to reflect inflation.


All Influences refresh at the beginning of the game.


Seasons of Strange uses the language scale found in the Kindred of the East sourcebook. The Natural Linguist Merit will provide double the normal languages known.

Mage House Rules

Characters and Character Creation:

Unraveled Threads: A Seasons of Strange Game is a Traditions focused game. Playable characters are any of the Nine Traditions, including their factions as they are listed in LoA,  Hollow Ones, or any that would ally or work with Tradition Mages. We are using the red book Laws of the Hunt for Magic and Numina rules. Technocracy, Marauders, or Nephandi, are not being accepted for play at this time.

Character background or history, paradigm descriptions, chantry write-ups, or any additional information, can earn you additional starting XP, as per OWBN Bylaws.


We use the Influence rules straight out of Laws of Ascension, not Dark Epics.

Merits and Flaws:

The Merit, Immunity, is not being allowed into the game at this time.

The Merit Legendary Attribute requires ST Approval.

Any Technocracy Specific Merits or Flaws are ST Approval only.

All other Mage Merits and Flaws are available. 

Any Merits or Flaws not in LoA or LoA:C are ST Approval only.

Negotiation Ability:

This ability allows you to retest your Mentor challenge. We have added the following benefits to the Negotiation ability. You may expend two levels of the ability to auto tie your Mentor test, and after 1 month's time, you get what you requested, or you may expend 4 levels of the ability to auto-win your mentor test, and after 2 months time, you get what you requested. You MUST make this determination before any challenges are thrown. You may also choose to run the challenges instead, and if you have more than one level of the Negotiation ability, you can use multiple levels of the ability to retest during the initial challenge, however, whatever your last result is, is the final result, meaning you CAN get a worse result than what you started with.

Library Background: 

The Library background is a very powerful background. To reflect this when buying the 4th and 5th levels of this background you must have the Research Ability (which would also be used as the retest for this challenge), spend Occult Influence level 3 “Access occult tomes and writings”,  and win a Mental challenge (with a target number of double the level you are wanting to increase your background too). Once you have done this a number of times equal to the level you wish to raise the Library background to, you may purchase it.


Supernatural Creatures as Coincidence:

You cannot claim to be moving faster just because there are Kindred with Celerity around. You can not deal massive amounts of damage with claws just because there are Garou around, and so on. The world does not believe that these creatures exist, therefore they cannot be used to explain away your magic. Your best possible outcome if you do this, is Vulgar Without Witness.

Chantry and Sanctum Backgrounds:

These may be purchased multiple times and each will refer to a specific separate location.

Correspondence Ranges: (These ranges are for scrying and teleporting, not for ranged attacking.)

Apprentice : 100ft

Initiate : 500ft

Disciple : 1000ft

Adept : 1 Mile

Master : 5 Miles

Buying Arete: To be able to buy up your Arete, you must have earned enough XP for the level of Arete you wish to purchase.

To be able to buy your Arete to level 4, you must have 75 Earned XP

To be able to buy your Arete to level 5, you must have 200 Earned XP

To be able to buy your Arete to level 6, you must have 400 Earned XP

To be able to buy your Arete to level 7, you must have 600 Earned XP

To be able to buy your Arete to level 8, you must have 800 Earned XP

To be able to buy your Arete to level 9, you must have 1000 Earned XP

To be able to buy your Arete to level 10, you must have 1200 Earned XP

Optional Rules:

Seasons of Strange has the following list of optional rules being observed for Mage.

Beyond Human Limits with Differential Limits(Laws of Ascension p.123)

Overbidding for Success (Laws of Ascension p.138)

Using Willpower (Laws of Ascension p.138)

Acting In Concert (Laws of Ascension p.138)

Rituals and Extended Magic (Laws of Ascension p.138)

Fast Casting (Laws of Ascension p.140)

Dynamic Magic (Laws of Ascension p.140)

Conjunctional Effects (Laws of Ascension p.141)

Paradox Flaws (Laws of Ascension p.173)

Paradox Realm (Laws of Ascension p.174)

Stacking Backgrounds (Laws of Ascension: Companion p.60)

No Instant Kill Optional Rule (Laws of Ascension: Companion p.165)

Half Dead Optional Rule (Laws of Ascension: Companion p.165)

Final Retribution Optional Rule (Laws of Ascension: Companion p.166)

Combat Mobility (Laws of Ascension: Companion p.166)


Changing Breeds Rules

Seasons of Strange Changing Breeds game is Gaian Garou-centric. While non-Garou are permissible and we encourage you to play whatever it is you are comfortable with, we hope you will be understanding that this game is about the Garou and their tales.


All things Fera require HST approval and/or Coordinator approval, with No exceptions.


We use the Influence rules straight out of Laws of the Wild (revised ed.), not Dark Epics.

All Changing Breed Characters must pay 2 XP per level of Influence (unless they have no Rage) after character creation, except for Glasswalkers who pay on a 1-to-1 basis.

Fetishes and Talens:

All Fetishes and Talens require an Item card write-up, and Storyteller approval at creation, and must be listed on a player's character sheet. Most Fetish creation requires at least one week of time per Gnosis level of the item being created. A character may possess a number of Talens equal to their combined permanent Gnosis Traits and Rank. Kinfolk Fetishes and Talens may be used by only Kinfolk.


Rites may be acquired with the aid of a teacher and time.

Cliath (Rank 1) characters may learn and perform Minor and Basic Rites.


Pack Totems and Personal Totem need to be detailed out (with Storyteller Approval) on an Item card and in the possession of a player or pack if they are to play an active role during game.

Totem and Personal Totem may only be purchased after character creation. A character may only have one or the other, not both.

Numen and Familiar Spirit:

Characters may have either Numen or Familiar Spirit, not both.


Please remember learning some Lores may require Coordinator approval.

When comparing Traits in a Challenge, players may add their ranks in a single ability as well (if applicable to the Challenge).

Ranks in Abilities acquired from your Totem can go beyond five ranks (ie. Brawl x7)

If you have less than three ranks in an Ability, you no longer gain the extra Trait from Specialization till it refreshes.

Ability Specialization in a specific Gift will not be allowed.

Assbeating is an appropriate Ability for the Changing Breeds genre.

Martial Arts, Kailindo, Iskakku, and Klaiviskar all cost 3 xp per level. A character may only have one of the fighting styles (Martial Arts, Kailindo, Iskakku, and Klaiviskar).


This cannot be used while in Frenzy and the number of Traits are listed that you must have to use a maneuver.

Tablu Kur has been altered to include the appropriate Physical Challenge, followed by the Static Challenge.


One Trait - Attack and Block: you may substitute your Iskakku skill for Melee when using a staff in combat.

Two Traits - Mahasu Qatu (Hand Smite): With a successful Physical Challenge (retest with Ikakku), you may dislocate your attacker's wrist (the equivalent of one level of bashing damage). Until the damage is healed, that hand may not be used in combat.

Two Traits - Tammabukku Istu Kur (Dragon Emerges from Mountain): With a successful Physical Challenge (retest Iskakku), once per combat, you may thrust your staff at your opponent's face. The attack inflicts two levels of bashing damage.

Two Traits - Tabalu Kur (Take Away the Land): By sweeping your staff, you can knock your opponent to the ground. Engage your opponent in a Physical Challenge to hit them, if you were successful then follow up with a Static Physical Challenge against seven Traits to knock them to the ground. Getting back on his feet follows normal combat rules.

Four Traits- Sepu Istu An (Foot from Heaven): This maneuver requires two actions to perform. You use your staff to vault yourself through the air, delivering a powerful kick to your target. You must first have running room, then make a Physical Challenge (retest Athletics) to make the vault. On landing, a second Physical Challenge (retest Brawl) is necessary to inflict the damage (which may be bashing or lethal depending on your form and Storyteller discretion).

Five Traits- Adannu Lukur Daku (Appointed Time of the Enemy's Demise): This maneuver requires two actions. With your enemy's first attack, you make a challenge to parry the blow. With success, you may make a Physical Challenge (retest Iskakku) to attack. Success on your attack challenge allows you to strike the opponent on the back of the head with your staff, knocking them unconscious for the next three rounds.


This cannot be used while in Frenzy.


Binding Wind – Enter into a contested physical challenge with an opponent to grapple them. If you are successful, you are two Traits up to maintain the grapple, do no damage, and suffer no ill effects from them at the time it is broken.

Deceptive Wind - Once per scene, make a contested physical challenge with an opponent, you get a free retest as if the opponent was Surprised. You must be in Homid, Glabro, or Crinos to use this.

Falling Tempest – The player attempts to grapple victims while making them prone. If successful, the player does no physical damage, is two traits up to maintain the grapple and the victim is subject to the rules for choking till they break free. If the grapple is broken both suffer no ill effects at the moment it is broken. You must be in any form other than Hispo or Lupus to use this.

Fading Breeze – While shifting from a smaller form to either Hispo or Crinos, you are two Traits up on a physical attack against an opponent once per scene.

Forceful Wind – Physical Challenge while taking three steps of movement into a leap and knocking them down (prone). You must be in either Homid or Glabro or Crinos when you start.

Growing Tempest – You shift up from Homid or Lupus form as you grapple them for one additional level of damage, if successful.

Little Cyclone - You must succeed in a Physical Challenge with your opponent to knock them prone and deal an extra level of lethal damage.

Storm Dance – This is a Social Challenge by being physically imposing with your maneuvers for an opponent to see. If you succeed, you gain a trait for the scene against the opponent in physical challenges.

Tornado Kick – Spinning kick to add one to the damage.

Striking the Wind – The Garou employing this must be hit by an opponent, immediately enters into a soak challenge (two traits up), spend a point of Rage, and counterattacks their attacker (regardless of the order of initiative)

Subtle Draft – As the practitioner charges their opponent, taking at least three steps, in Lupus form, they shift up to either Hispo or Crinos and then must win a physical challenge to put them off balance. If successful, their opponent is considered to be down one trait in all physical challenges for the rest of the round.

Melting Wind – While grappled and shifting down to a smaller form, you are considered 2 traits up to break free.

Moving Breeze – Shifting from a larger form to a smaller one while Dodging in combat, you are granted an extra retest to dodge. This maneuver must be declared before Dodging.

Whirlwind – Defensive physical action adding two traits. You cannot attack, run or do anything in the same turn you use this.

Changing Breeze – Add two Traits to Dodge an incoming attack.

The Hurricane – Shifting to Crinos while the opponent is still grappled, you throw them six steps and inflict four levels of Damage.

Sudden Flurry – You Shift up to a larger from while breaking out of a grapple, you throw your opponent prone and they take two bashing damage.


This cannot be used in Frenzy and most honorable duels end with one losing if they enter Frenzy.


Bind – Can only be done as a Contested Physical Action with success your weapons are locked together. While locked together neither weapon can be used, but your following action may be Disarm or Prise D'Argent at a two trait bonus.

Blind – If you are successful in this called shot, your opponent's attacks, parries, and dodges are at a one trait penalty, until healed.

Disarm – This is a contested physical action and on success, your opponent's klaive is sent three steps away from them.

Feint – Declare this maneuver as your opponent is attacking you and you are dodging. If you win the Challenge, you have a free retest for your next Physical Attack.

Fleche – Take a normal move action that must end behind your opponent and then attack them to do an additional level of damage.

Probe – Testing your opponent's defenses, you are up to two traits in the challenge, but are down two Traits on damage with your weapon.

Parry – A contested Physical Challenge to defend, you immediately gain a free action to use Riposte as a follow-up. Your Initiative is now considered two higher versus this opponent.

Prise d'Argent – You are Two Traits up on this follow-up only physical attack to a successful Riposte or Bind Maneuver.

Riposte – A free Physical Action only allowed after a successful Parry. A Parry by your opponent negates this.

Silver Shield – Till you perform another Challenge, you are Two Traits up in defense to Physical Challenges.

Swinging Slash – In a brutal attack, you do an additional two Damage, but are down two Physical Traits for the rest of the round.

Stop Hit – You must have Initiative advantage over your opponent to use this and you must be able to step towards your opponent and initiate a Physical Challenge that cannot be Parried, Dodged, or Counter Attacked by them. If you are successful do an additional level of damage, but you must Relent to your opponent's next attack if they are able to attack you.


Learning Out-of-Breed/Tribe/Auspice Gifts, is possible, will require chiminage, may gain you Spirit Notoriety (situational), is limited, and requires HST approval with an appropriate write-up.

Gift Trait expenditures are limited to three for the time being, unless otherwise specified.


All temporary Renown is awarded at the end of the game and maybe converted during Downtime or at the following game session. Every 10 temporary Renown points convert to 1 permanent Renown. Churning out Talens every month, needlessly (ST discretion), will be a loss of Renown and deplete the Spirits in an area.


Joining a camp after leaving a camp will give you the Flaw: Enemy.


Spirits in Seasons of Strange are controlled and run by the chronicle staff. There is a finite amount of Spirits in any given area and they do not replenish over time without direct assistance.

Rank One - Englings & low-powered Gafflings (Straight traits for comparison on ties)

Rank Two - Gafflings (Double traits for comparison on ties)

Rank Three - Jagglings (Triple traits for comparison on ties)

Rank Four - Greater Jagglings (Triple traits for comparison on ties)

Rank Five - Incarna (Quadruple traits for comparison on ties)

Rank Six - Celestines (Only to be used by or with permission of the Changing Breeds Coordinator)

Spirits possess Rage, Gnosis, Willpower, and Essence. Below is a list of the various applications they have available to them.

Rage: Spirits use their Rage Trait in Physical Challenges, increasing damage and for additional actions in combat.

Gnosis: Spirits use their Gnosis in Social Challenges, and to fuel certain Charms.

Willpower: Spirits use Willpower in Mental Challenges as well as applicable uses for Willpower, such as: retesting in defense of Mental/Social challenges, ignoring effects of certain Gifts, or resisting Frenzy (if applicable), etc.

Essence: Spirits spend Essence to fuel Charms, temporarily increase the number of Traits bid in a Challenge, and they can expend an Essence trait for a free retest in any Challenge. Essence also serves as a spirit's Health Levels: each wound taken reduces their Essence by one point. Spirits in the Tellurian only have a maximum of 9 Health levels, regardless of the amount of Essence they have available. When a Spirit runs out of Essence, it “dies”, disappearing into a slumber from which it may take years to awaken, without help.

*Note: The amount of traits bid is determined by the spirit's rank as detailed above.

Changing Breed character creation guidelines:

All Backgrounds ( Resources, Influence, Spirit Network, Mentor, Past Life, Clout, Contacts, Allies, Numen, Kinfolk, Cultist Allies, Device, Equipment, Fame, Familiar Spirit, Pure Breed, Ancestor, etc.) and all Abilities are capped at level 3 without a written character background/history. Any Lore Ability requires Storyteller approval. The Martial Arts, Klaiviskar, Kailindo, and Iskakku Abilities may not be purchased at character creation.

Players may not purchase any Out-of-Breed, Out-of-Tribe, Out-of-Auspice, or Celestial Gifts at character creation.







Vampire Rules

This chronicle is a Camarillan Domain that has a working relationship with the Independent Clans and the Anarchs.


You do not need to declare the ability to use the "bomb" when using Potence: Vigor or Celerity: Rapidity.

You cannot “force” a vampire to teach you disciplines. Either through powers such as Dominate or through abilities such as Torture.

You may only learn a single Out of Clan Discipline to the Advanced level prior to learning the Advanced level in all of your In-clan Disciplines.

The body of all characters using "out of body" powers (i.e.: Possession, Astral Projection, Subsume, etc.) must have their bodies within the jurisdiction of, and in the control of the ST staff. Staff must also be informed of the location of the character’s body at all times.}

Auspex: Telepathy: To establish telepathy one must have line-of-sight to the target. To maintain Telepathy, one must remain within line of interaction.

Dementation: Voice of Madness: A Willpower may not be spent to ignore the virtue challenge portion of this power.

Dominate: There is no generation check against the individual who placed a forgetful mind to detect/remove said forgetful mind. The only generation check is versus the individual who you are using Dominate on.

Uses of Dominate on “Pure” mortals (Non-ghoul, non-supernatural, etc.) do not require the bidding of a mental trait to use.

Fortitude: Aegis: Aegis must be declared before any of the staking simple challenges are thrown in order for Aegis to be effective.

Obfuscate: Attacking an opponent from surprise when using Obfuscate lowers the needed surprise count by one second. (Similar to the same benefit using Quietus: Silence of Death confers).

Vanish from the Minds Eye: The user of Vanish may add their levels of Obfuscate to their mental trait in the challenge to disappear for the purposes of ties and overbids. Obfuscate will NOT work on animals or insects. It will also not often work on innocent children, the completely insane mortals, and by extension, the fully, fall-down drunk.

Potence: Might is the last retest that YOU may use. It does not stop your opponent from using any of their retests. If you are able to overbid your opponent, the next series of tests are considered to be a whole new challenge. Thus you both parties may employ appropriate retests again. This applies even if Might was employed by either party and as such may be used again.

Presence: One must possess level 4 Presence (Summon) before one can establish a “Summon lock” on an individual.

Quietus: This is run as per Faith and Fire (pg: 195), except for the advanced level.

Silence of Death: Will does not prevent blood magic from being used, unless the power in question specifically requires the caster to be heard (Father's Vengeance, Path of Curses, etc.).

Taste of Death: This power, when successfully used will inflict two aggravated wounds on the target. Additional blood may NOT be spent to increase this.

Temporis: Subjective suspension: Using this power on an "attended" object (one that is worn, or held, or in interaction with an individual) is subject to the rules on Called shots, and thus, not permitted.

Thanatosis: Withering: Withering a Vampire's head causes them to lose access to all disciplines EXCEPT Potence, Celerity, and Fortitude.

Thaumaturgy: Path of Blood: Potency of the Blood (and other blood magic variations) effects Dominate, in regards to generation.

Path of Blood: Potency of the Blood (and other magics that duplicate its effects): Use of this power will not increase the amount of blood currently in your blood pool.

Path of Conjuration: Materials created with this path may be used for their designed purpose at ST discretion (conjured gasoline can burn, acid will melt things, etc.).

Intermediate Ritual: Eyes of the Past works as worded in Laws of Elysium, and can only affect a single room, and not a room-sized area.



To encourage individuals to purchase more than a single level of this ability, and to reward those who purchase more than a single level, a couple of changes are being made in regards to hunting and the associated ability. If you have more than one level of the Hunting ability, you can use multiple levels of the ability to retest during the initial night\'81\'66s blood chop. You also cannot receive a worse result from retesting with said ability.


This ability allows you to retest your Mentor challenge. We have added the following benefits to the Negotiation ability. You may expend two levels of the ability to auto tie your Mentor test, and after 1 month's time, you get what you requested, or you may expend 4 levels of the ability to auto-win your mentor test, and after 2 months time, you get what you requested. You MUST make this determination before any challenges are thrown. You may also choose to run the challenges instead, and if you have more than one level of the Negotiation ability, you can use multiple levels of the ability to retest during the initial challenge., however unlike the Hunting ability, whatever your last result is, is the final result, meaning you CAN get a worse result than what you started with.



This background may be purchased multiple times and each refers to separate locations.

Family Ties:

When used for influence, this background functions as per the allies background per level of this background possessed and with the restrictions listed in the Giovanni packet with regards to what influence actions it can be used to perform or assist in. (i.e. A level 4 in this background can be used to perform a level 4 action, or combined with your own influence action at half the total allocated to assist).


We are currently using the influence rules directly out of Laws of the Night Revised, not Dark Epics.


Retainers in our game work as follows. You can only have up to five dots of retainers in a particular area, so only 5 dots of mortal retainers, 5 dots of ghoul retainers, and so on. You can spend multiple points on a retainer, making it a more powerful retainer, so instead of having 5 one dot retainers, you can have 1 five dot retainer, or any combo of that as long as it doesn't exceed five total dots in that category. A Retainer of any stripe will be run straight from the book as starting "characters" of their genre. They will not gain XP. There are however some Merits that allow a greater than average retainer of some types. You are allowed a maximum of 5 dots in any particular type of retainer if you have the means. This includes, but is not limited to, Retainer, Animal Retainer, Wraith Retainer, Spirit Slave, etc.

If you want to replace a retainer, you may do so. For one month per dot of retainer replaced, they will be unavailable while they are being interviewed and retrained to work for you. So a one-point retainer would be available one month from when you make the decision while a five-point retainer would take five months from when you make the decision to replace them to when they are available. Also on a side note, while we have created this rule to give a PC the ability to do so, this does not mean we are encouraging a PC to do so. This rule should only rarely be used as a character evolves over time.


In any challenge, you may only receive bonus traits from a single merit, a single discipline, and a single magic item. For example, when you are dominating someone, you can stack the bonus traits from Enchanting Voice and use of Obtenebration: Shadowplay (bonus to intimidation challenges) to receive a bonus of +3 total to your Dominate challenge. You cannot, however, receive the bonus from both the Merit: Sanctity AND the Merit: Enchanting Voice when trying to lie convincingly.


If you successfully overbid someone, it is treated as a new challenge, meaning any Abilities, Disciplines, Merits, etc, you have any unspent, they may be used for this new challenge.

When feeding, one blood trait may be drained per action, to a maximum of 3 blood traits per turn with the use of Celerity (Legerity). Various merits/disciplines may increase this maximum (Gaping Maw, Over-sized Mouth, Serpentis: Skin of the Adder, etc). These will increase the amount per turn, not per action.

Blood beads: You may have a total number of blood beads created equal to your primary path rating + your occult rating}

Only one “carrier attack” may be used per attack - With the normal restrictions on multiple attacks applying.

Grapples, firm grasps, and touches are mutual. So beware of grappling someone with a power dependent on such conditions.

Ghouls (and other supernatural/partially awakened mortals on a case by case nature) do not count as "mortals" in regards to one-shot kill powers (Ritual: Touch of Nightshade, Path of Blood: Cauldron of Blood (and other blood magic variations thereof), Thanatosis: Withering (Head Withering), etc, etc...)}

Vampires take half bashing damage (round up)

Vampires may spend one blood to heal one lethal wound.

Vampires may spend one blood to heal two bashing wounds.

High Caliber and Mass Trauma guns to lethal damage to Vampires.

The Merit: Blase, functions like the Merit Iron Will, but replaces Dominate with Presence and Mental with Emotional in the body of the text.

For those with Blood Magic as an in-clan: Your Primary Path may be purchased at in-clan costs. Any other Paths require you to pay out of clan costs and also require a teacher to learn.

After every third feeding from an animal, you make a Static Mental Challenge whenever you are confronted with the opportunity to feed on human or Kindred blood. If you fail, you frenzy and attempt to drain the vessel. As you accumulate feedings, you find it harder to resist the lure of finer vintage. At each additional third feeding (the sixth, ninth, etc.), you must bid three extra Traits on the challenge - for example, a vampire who has fed nine times on animal blood must bid six extra Traits on the test when she discovers an unconscious Ventrue just waiting to be fed from. Once you have frenzied and slaked your thirst, you are considered to be “starting over”.



Contact Information

Seasons of Strange staff can be contacted in the following ways:

Staff Email:

HST Email: 



Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Policy

Violations of the CoC will be awarded a number of strikes. Accumulation of three (3) strikes in a 1 year period will result in termination of the player’s current character, and a ban of 6 months. 

The Code of Conduct applies to players and OOC actions, not characters and IC actions.

Code of Conduct:

  1. Players should be civil to one another, particularly during high-stress situations such as combat. A request from a player (or staff member) to stop something (yelling, trash talk, etc.) will be heeded.

  1. Care for Space: This applies to both the site the game is played in and the objects/items of other players. If you make a mess, clean it up. If it belongs to another player, treat it with the courtesy you would like your things shown. Accidents happen, destruction of property in the heat of the moment doesn't count.

  1. Cheating: Cheating and variants, such as lying, magic penciling, “Mommy-Daddy”, and things of that nature are not allowed.

Possible penalties for strikes:

No XP award that month.

No XP awarded for that month, the character is unplayable for 2 months.

Termination of the player’s current character. 

Banned from Seasons of Strange until the issue has been addressed to the staff’s satisfaction.

Players have one month from the time the strike is issued to appeal. All appeals are final.

The final decision rests in the hands of the HST. 

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