Game Directory:
Name Location Genre
Sacramento By Night - Sabbat Auburn CA Sabbat, Wraith
Sacramento By Night Sacramento CA Vampire (Camarilla / Anarch / Independent)
Always Comes Evening San Francisco, CA Vampire (Camarilla / Anarch / Independent)
Wasting the Dawn Berkeley, Ca
Unchained Sabbat Parker, AZ Sabbat, Giovanni
St. Augustine: On Haunted Ground IC: St. Augustine, FL OOC: Gainesville, FL Camarilla Vampire
Night Falls Northern Virginia OWOD
Seasons Of Strange New Rochelle NY Mage
Shadows of Cincinnati Cincinnati, Ohio Camarilla / Anarch / Independent
Vitae Aeternus Columbia, MD Vampire (Cam/Anarch/Indie)
Fortaleza - The Land of the Sun Fortaleza, Brazil Camarilla
Bloomington: Zephyr of Darkness Bloomington, IL Anarch
Gateway of Dreams (Changeling) St. Louis, MO Changeling
Peoria: The Shattered Mirror Peoria, IL Camarilla/Anarch/Independent
Memories of Gaia: The Wyld Ones Tampa, FL Werewolf
Rage and Fury Cincinnati, OH Garou
The Ocean's Tide San Francisco, CA Garou
Hidden Kingdom Ozarks , mo mixed Genre
Ouro Preto: Dying of Light Ouro Preto, MG, Brasil vampire
Campinas, Império das Cinzas Campinas, SP Vampire
Mt Dora: Mutual Alliance (OWBN) Gainesville, FL Werewolf/Mage/Changeling
Crystal River: Dark Reflections Citrus County, FL Multi-Genre
Shadows of St. Louis (Mage) St. Louis Mage
Amazon By Night Brazil Crossover
Truth or Consequences (TorC) Truth or Consequences NM Vampire: Independent
Shattered Dreams Green Bay, WI Vampire - Camarilla
Twin Cities:The Last Stand Minnesota Changing Breed